Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

Now I promised I would write what I bought my Mum for Mother's day and give my ideas on what to buy in case anyone was struggling last minute! Well I knew what I was going to buy! My Mum told me she wanted a nice PJ (pyjama) set and a fashion scarf. So I went out in my mind knowing exactly what to buy!! However as I hit the shops and bought her a luxury pair of PJ's - (don't feel I really need to blog about them, you can buy them where ever you feel! And I forgot to take piccy's before I wrapped them! Sorry!!) -my plans to just buy my planned items quickly changed!! 
Then I went on to the scarf.. That is where it all went wrong! I have one from New Look which she loved so I thought I would look in there for one similar (me and my mum tend to love some of the same styles), and I found one. Which is a stunning lemon colour and perfect for the upcoming (hopefully) sunny summertime weather! 
So I got that, along with some bangles I thought she would love as well! The colours are summery and they are chunky bracelets which my Mum loves, so I'm done right? Wrong! I go in to Primark to get myself something and I find another scarf... A pink one, which I know she would also love!!! But which would she prefer?! And they are exactly the same price!! Completely stuck, I get both!

Neither are expensive and I haven't spent a lot! Then finally I see a couple of tops she saw a few weeks before which I thought would be perfect for her! So I picked them up too! 

Now I know tomorrow she will say I have gone over board, especially with two tops, and two scarves! However, I have not spent a lot in fact I added it all up and it was actually all really cheap! But the point is I got her things she wanted! And there is a couple of things she won't expect! So tomorrow I hope she will feel a bit spoilt even though I haven't broken the bank! As I will probably end up breaking it for her birthday in a couple of weeks!! haha! 
So the main thing is, you don't have to get your mum items like these of course as she may not like things like this, but my point is just get her something she wants and something that will make her think; 'I have been spoilt today!' 
And if you don't do presents, or forgot (don't worry we've all done it), just take your Mum out for lunch or dinner. Offer to drive or pay for the taxi so she can relax. They are simple gestures, they don't all cost the earth, but they will mean the world! 
And to all the Mums out there; 

Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow 

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