Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This Month You Should Do...

Okay so, I've been pondering for a while over what my 'This month you should do' section should be. And I have finally thought of something!! Firstly to do so, I would like to introduce you to my best friend! This is my digital DSLR camera! I got it for my 18th birthday when I was studying photography at the time and I just love it!
 It is an amazing piece of equipment and I do really have a passion for photography, well most forms of art but photography in particular! But mainly, I believe that everyone should have a camera on them at all times as you can capture the most amazing things! You don't have to buy the most expensive camera or have any experience in photography! Just the equipment to take a picture and the passion to do so :-). And most phones these days have pretty decent cameras on them! I take a lot of photos out and about on my iPhone as it has quite a good camera on it as I can't carry my SLR with me everywhere I go! 
So my point is that This Month You Should go out and buy a camera! Whether it is a cheap digital one from the high-street, a vintage one from eBay or even just a disposable one! I still love that feeling of taking the film/disposable camera into the printers and getting them back! That excitement of seeing what the photos are going to come out like is such an awesome feeling! So go out there and capture the laughs, the falls and the one off moments before they pass you by :-) 
Laughing with the Girls-A moment caught by one of my friends <3

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