Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Peace & Love

Here are a couple of pieces of jewellery following on from my wish-list! (they are unfortunately not from my wish-list, my bank balance hasn't allowed that yet!!) But they are a couple of pieces that I have been wearing recently that I thought I would have a little ramble to you all about! 

Firstly I mentioned in my wish-list a peace sign necklace from I have recently been wearing this one which I looove!! I actually forgot I had it until recently when I cleared out my wardrobe (LOVE when that happens!!) It is a simple beaded peace sign necklace! The beaded necklace itself is orange and the links and pendant are gold! I love it at the moment as the weather is getting warmer so wearing it with brights for that summery feel is perfect!! The other day (as seen in the pic) I wore it with an Aztec cut out top and red blazer for a clashing colours effect! It actually really worked! I think it's really cute, and keeps me happy until I can afford another :-)

The 'Love' part of this section is this bracelet that I bought recently! It is from River Island and was only £4! Some of River Island's jewellery can be quite pricey but this is just a simple coloured wooden beaded bracelet and it is cheap and cheerful! I love it and it has the hearts all the way around! It is, again perfect for the summer and adds that splash of colour! River Island do have some great jewellery (and clothing) in at the moment so I recommend you check it out!! The other two bands I have on in the pic are a set from H&M. I think they were only around £3! Bargain :-)

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