Saturday, 17 March 2012

Arm Candy

Now this little beauty was spotted on my friends wrist last night! It is a stunning Michael Kors watch and you will probably agree it is gorgeous! My friend whose watch it is has amazing style so she was bound to pick an amazing design, and she has succeeded. She told me that she got hers from a watch boutique in Paris, however you can buy Michael Kors in the UK if interested (as well as many other countries if you are viewing from over seas) But if you are interested in purchasing Michael Kors after seeing this stunner I looked around and John Lewis has a selection, as does House of Fraser and The Watch Shop. Just to name a few. (direct links to the pages with Michael Kors watches will be at bottom of post).

I love this watch in particular as it is sleek and simple in black, but it has the striking diamant√© for a glamorous look. However there is a wide range available so if you are interested have a look around and find one which suits you best! They would also make a perfect and very special gift!! So it's a thank you to my girl Fern for introducing me to these beauties first hand 

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