Thursday, 1 March 2012

Springtime Glow

After the cold months of winter and all the time of covering up our skin, its fair to say that our skin could look a bit paler than usual. But now the weather, should be, getting warmer and the layers of clothing will be being reduced we might want to add a bit of a glow to our skin. 
I have tried so many fake tans and tinted moisturisers in the past, and I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful which ones I use but these three are, in my opinion three of the best I think out there that you can buy. 
For the tinted moisturiser it is the Garnier Summer Body and it is really nice. It smells lovely, personally I don't think it has a fake tan smell, it says on the bottle it has a apricot smell and it's true it does have a fruity smell. It is great for every day use and for keeping up a regular tan, but it is not instant, it takes quite a few hours to develop. It doesn't say on the bottle how long it takes to develop but I reckon around 6 hours before you see a colour start to appear. My only criticism is it doesn't have any UV factor which I like to have, but not many do to be honest. However it's a great product to have and I do love it! 
Then there are 2 instant fake tans which are in 2 different price ranges. The first is probably my favourite fake tan ever, it's the St.Tropez Mousse. It is a lovely colour and it goes on really well, I have never had any problems when using it. It has never come out streaky or anything! And it is great on sensitive skin! It does have a slight fake tan smell but they have improved that, and it doesn't wash off straight away like most fake tans so if you use it for a night out and have a shower the next day you can still have your tan for a few days! I find a small bit of mousse goes a long way as well, even the smaller 120ml bottle lasts me a long time! It is at the more expensive range of the market but it is a quality buy. 
If you are looking for a fake tan like the St.Tropez but on a smaller budget, I found one through some friends. It is called St.Moriz which also comes in a mousse form. And it is also a lovely colour and if I am honest it is practically as good as many other mousses on the market. I get it from the shop Savers and it is around £4.00 for a 200ml bottle! What a bargain!! It is great for the everyday use or for topping up a tan! 
These three of course are not the only tans out there and I have tried others but I think these are the best ones that I have personally tried! And if you are going for something a bit special and having a spray tan done, then I personally like the fake bake spray tan! My friend's sister does them & they are lovely! I can't fault them! 
I hope this has been helpful, as it's time to get out there and get that springtime glow :-)

//fake tan tip // I find the best way to apply a fake mousse is to apply it with a tanning mitt // this also keeps your hands fake-tan-free :-)

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