Saturday, 10 March 2012

Vintage Treasure

I love all jewellery including all kinds of modern styles. But I do have a passion for any vintage jewellery. And there are many places, including high street stores that have a wide variety of vintage jewellery lines. However if you can find some little treasures hidden away that are genuinely vintage, and could even have a story behind them, I find that so beautiful! This particular bracelet featured here is actually my Great-Grandmothers, and I inherited it when she passed away. 
It is not particularly worth anything and as you can probably see from the photographs it has a couple of the jewels missing, however I think that all adds to the character of the bracelet itself. And it looks old, which just verifies the fact that it is vintage style. It has sentimental value yes but I just love it as I think it can add a real elegance to an outfit, as most vintage style jewellery can do. I have some other pieces of my Great-Grandmother's that I just love. 
When it came to jewellery she was far beyond her time, and so on trend! (she would love to hear me say that now!) So go out there and look for something, ask your mum or grandma if they have anything they don't wear any more, or anything they inherited. It's amazing what you can find when you look through family jewellery boxes, and it doesn't have to be real gold/silver! It just has to look Fabulous

And as I said before many high-street shops do vintage style jewellery now, as well as being to buy them online! (check out - they have some great vintage-inspired jewellery!) Another place to go and look is charity shops and second hand shops! I hope this inspires you to go Vintage!
The Vintage-Style bag was a gift from my Mum & Dad from Next- A Vintage-Style bag is worth a buy for a night out! Adds some elegant glamour.

// If you're going to go for the vintage look them I would pick one or two (at the most) key pieces// You don't want to over do it as they tend to stand out a lot! 

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