Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Wish List...

Hello Everyone! I am so sorry that I have not blogged recently! I promise to get back on top of it! But I thought I would write myself a little wish-list of all the things I have seen recently that I really would love, and things that you may like yourself :-) 

I don't have a particular preference when it comes to my jewlerry, it totally depends on my outfit or how I am feeling on that day! I do have 2 gold rings given to me by my grandparents that I never take off and my Chamilia charm bracelet from my parents which I wear everyday, but other than that, my accessories can vary from the elegant to the quirky! So these are a few pieces of jewellery I have seen that I have admired: 

I love this Beaded  Bracelet from BOHO BOHO.com. It is stunning, when I saw it I just thought it was so different! Summery colours and unique design! Gorgeous!

The next item I have seen and absolutely love is from ChelseaDoll.co.uk. It is a peace sign necklace styled with flowers, I love any jewellery with peace signs! I don't preach it or anything! I just think they are very girly quaint designs and this necklace with the added flowers makes it a sweet and elegant accessory! Which is why I've added it to my wish list!!

This is another item from ChelseaDoll. It is a skull shaped ring, it has a quirky with the skull sporting a top hat. It is a statement piece of jewellery that has that edge! // Check out ChelseaDoll.com for some really great jewellery // I mentioned them before in Vintage Treasure // They do great Quirky, Vintage and Modern jewellery // Other sites for jewellery are listed at bottom of post //

I have seen a few a million other gorgeous pieces of jewellery out there but those are just a select few! Here are a few accessories & shoes I have spotted that are on my wish-list:

I love these peep toe patent heels from BooHoo.com. They come in a range of colours but my favourite are these pale blue ones!! They are perfect for the summer weather coming up, they would go with a pair of shorts, a summer dress or a new maxi-skirt! An all-rounder heel!! How can a girl resist!?!

Ok so, it's coming up to summer. Summer means sun, sun means the beach, the beach means a new bag, which means the bag has to be a beach bag right?! And what better than one of the most popular prints of the season than an Aztec Print! This bag is from PrettyLittleThing.com. It looks a decent size and with a gorgeous print like this you are bound to get noticed on the beach! 

So there are just a few of the accessories on my wish-list at the moment! I will do another soon with beauty products!! I hope this will get you out looking, and some of these things will even make great presents :-)

// Places to visit for accessories // BOHOBOHO.com // ChelseaDoll.co.uk // Boohoo.com // Prettylittlething.com // FunkydoryJewellery.co.uk // Wild-wishes.weebly.com // 
// All these guys above can be found on Twitter!! I follow all of them so go ahead and follow them too! //
// High street accessories // New Look // River Island // Topshop // Accessorize //

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