Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bracelet Beauties

Now I absolutely adore these bracelets! I have paired together the larger antique style bracelet with the beaded & spiked bracelets which came in a set! Having any spikes or studs on clothes or jewellery is really in at the moment and these are a toned-down feminine version. 
Beaded/Spike Bracelet Set - New Look
Antique Style Bracelet - New Look
The set of beaded bracelets with the spikes are quite plain on their own but if you pair them with another big statement bangle/bracelet it can really become the key piece of your outfit! The bracelet I chose is quite delicate and girly but you could pair the set with anything-more spikes darker colours for evening outfits pretty much anything! It is a key look this season and can be worn day or night! I like these in particular for the day but there are so many alternatives out there for all occasions! So get out there and get accessorising! 

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