Thursday, 19 April 2012

Box of Treasures

This is a make-up set I got Christmas just gone! It is by the range Front Cover and I love it!! It has everything you could need for that night out! That's exactly what I use it for! I don't tend to use it everyday, as I don't wear a lot of make-up for my usual day-to-day tasks. But if I have something special on or I'm going out, this is the baby I get out! It is great because it has a range of colours for all skin tones!
The top layer is a range of eye shadows, lip glosses, blushers, mascara, just a little bit of everything you need. Then there is a pull out drawer that contains six brushes for every application!! It also includes a sharpener & eyelash curler! Admittedly I still use my other eyelash curler as I prefer the other one I have, but still, as make-up sets go, it is pretty good and is perfect if you fancy trying something different!
I love the front cover range! I have sensitive skin and I have to be careful what I use, and this works perfect on my skin so I love being able to find a range that is so diverse if I fancy a change that I know I won't have a reaction with! 
They do so many different sets, this is one of their larger ones, but they do many others and you know what else I love about them? All of their sets have a make-up tutorial in them to achieve the look on the front of the set you choose!! What more could you ask for??

//Check out Boots for a wide range of Front Cover products //

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