Friday, 18 May 2012

Update for all...

Hello my fellow beauty believers! I promised in my last post that I would not leave blogging for so long again, and what did I do? I left it for aggges again!! But I have my excuses! Not only do I have exams at uni, I have been moving house! It has been an absolute nightmare!!! We are at a sort of halfway house at the moment but move in to our new place soon!! Just after my last exam!! Yaay!! I cannot wait to move in and get decorating & unpack! Half of my clothes are in storage its driving me mad!!!

But thank you for being patient with me if you have still stuck with me! I appreciate it! I am still always tweeting away and you can find me posting regular photos on Instagram (@beautybeliever)! But I thought I would take a break from the revision & blog about the amazing experience I had doing Race for Life recently and also on a couple of bits & pieces I have picked up recently! 
But once we are settled in to the new place! Trust me I will be back to it! I miss it so much & it will give me an excuse to blog about all the new pieces I'll be buying for my new wardrobe ;-)

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