Thursday, 15 March 2012

Waves of Colour

Now these were a complete impulse buy! I had no earrings in one day and I feel a little bit lost when I don't have them in sometimes! (the outfit I was wearing really could have done with a pair of earrings- maybe this was just my poor excuse to buy some I don't know!!) Anyway, I saw these and they matched the top I was wearing perfectly so I thought why the hell not!

And it was a gorgeous sunny day and they just scream summertime! I think they are fab! They aren't ones I would wear everyday, I tend to just wear my sterling silver or gold studs from day to day when I have Uni or anything. But if I am going shopping or somewhere special and the outfit calls for it, these are a perfect little accessory to be wearing! I love the weave effect, the colours are stunning and they are just a bit different. 

They are quite big though, for me anyway, I know you can get some Pat Butchers out there but these are quite large! They didn't hurt my ears at any point though which is a bonus!!

Just goes to show that impulse buys are really worth it :-) 

// You can get these earrings from New Look for £5.99 // 

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