Friday, 18 May 2012

G'day Mate

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction
Deep Conditioner, Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-in Conditioner.
Now I have to thank my Nan for these products! I have heard mixed reviews about Aussie products before so I have never given them a go! 

I am quite really fussy about what products I use on my hair! I love Tigi, as I have mentioned before, and Charles Worthington, which is what I have been using recently. However my hair has been feeling like it needed a bit of TLC! But I do go and get it coloured every 6-8 weeks so it does need looking after! 

Anyway I noticed my Nan had the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner and it smelt amazing!! So I used some & my hair hasn't felt that soft in ages even after blow drying! So I decided to go out & buy some products I got a couple of the colour mate ones as I have coloured hair (which have extracts of peach in- you could eat your hair afterwards- smells amazing!!)and the reconstruction conditioner for all those split ends us women have! (we are all guilty of over-using the straighteners) 

So far my hair has been perfect! I understand everyone's hair is different but I can't fault it as of yet! I have quite thick hair but not massively & it doesn't make my hair go greasy or frizzy. So if you are looking for a change of product that just smells amazing go get yourself some of this I would definitely recommend! 

//If you decide to go get some please let me know what you think // I would love to hear from you :-) // 

Miss-Fits do Race for Life

Well what can I say about race for life apart from the fact it was such an incredible experience!! I was running for my Nan who beat her battle with cancer last year! 
It was a very inspirational & emotional day. It was surprising just how many people had names on their backs, I expected more people to just have 'everybody' or 'anyone with cancer' written there but there were so many names and stories being told which made the day that even more important and special in a way! 

The turn out was amazing & every woman there did incredible! (for those who are unfamiliar with race for life - it is an event for women only to run to raise money for cancer). I ran with a friend Katie and we had a great day, everybody was smiling and more importantly loads of money was raised for an incredible cause (Cancer Research UK). 

I plan on doing it again next year, to maybe run the further distance & to definitely raise even more! It was an experience you'll never forget so ladies, if you haven't done it before, do it! And if you have, sign up again!! It's so worth it! 

// For any info on Race for Life // Click Here //

Miss-Fits do Race for Life (Sponsor Page)

Update for all...

Hello my fellow beauty believers! I promised in my last post that I would not leave blogging for so long again, and what did I do? I left it for aggges again!! But I have my excuses! Not only do I have exams at uni, I have been moving house! It has been an absolute nightmare!!! We are at a sort of halfway house at the moment but move in to our new place soon!! Just after my last exam!! Yaay!! I cannot wait to move in and get decorating & unpack! Half of my clothes are in storage its driving me mad!!!

But thank you for being patient with me if you have still stuck with me! I appreciate it! I am still always tweeting away and you can find me posting regular photos on Instagram (@beautybeliever)! But I thought I would take a break from the revision & blog about the amazing experience I had doing Race for Life recently and also on a couple of bits & pieces I have picked up recently! 
But once we are settled in to the new place! Trust me I will be back to it! I miss it so much & it will give me an excuse to blog about all the new pieces I'll be buying for my new wardrobe ;-)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Box of Treasures

This is a make-up set I got Christmas just gone! It is by the range Front Cover and I love it!! It has everything you could need for that night out! That's exactly what I use it for! I don't tend to use it everyday, as I don't wear a lot of make-up for my usual day-to-day tasks. But if I have something special on or I'm going out, this is the baby I get out! It is great because it has a range of colours for all skin tones!
The top layer is a range of eye shadows, lip glosses, blushers, mascara, just a little bit of everything you need. Then there is a pull out drawer that contains six brushes for every application!! It also includes a sharpener & eyelash curler! Admittedly I still use my other eyelash curler as I prefer the other one I have, but still, as make-up sets go, it is pretty good and is perfect if you fancy trying something different!
I love the front cover range! I have sensitive skin and I have to be careful what I use, and this works perfect on my skin so I love being able to find a range that is so diverse if I fancy a change that I know I won't have a reaction with! 
They do so many different sets, this is one of their larger ones, but they do many others and you know what else I love about them? All of their sets have a make-up tutorial in them to achieve the look on the front of the set you choose!! What more could you ask for??

//Check out Boots for a wide range of Front Cover products //

Bracelet Beauties

Now I absolutely adore these bracelets! I have paired together the larger antique style bracelet with the beaded & spiked bracelets which came in a set! Having any spikes or studs on clothes or jewellery is really in at the moment and these are a toned-down feminine version. 
Beaded/Spike Bracelet Set - New Look
Antique Style Bracelet - New Look
The set of beaded bracelets with the spikes are quite plain on their own but if you pair them with another big statement bangle/bracelet it can really become the key piece of your outfit! The bracelet I chose is quite delicate and girly but you could pair the set with anything-more spikes darker colours for evening outfits pretty much anything! It is a key look this season and can be worn day or night! I like these in particular for the day but there are so many alternatives out there for all occasions! So get out there and get accessorising! 

Back in Action!!

Oh my..! I cannot believe how long I have not blogged for! Shame on me!! But I am afraid to say I have been a very poorly bunny! I am slowly getting on the mend now though! :-) Even though I still have a chest infection (which is driving me insane) I thought today would be the day I finally get my ass back in to gear and get back in to writing on my blog! Which I do love doing so much and have really really missed! So I thought I would do a couple today and keep it up as I have done before! I hope you all forgive me and keep watching as you have done before! Thank you and lets get back to it!! :-)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Peace & Love

Here are a couple of pieces of jewellery following on from my wish-list! (they are unfortunately not from my wish-list, my bank balance hasn't allowed that yet!!) But they are a couple of pieces that I have been wearing recently that I thought I would have a little ramble to you all about! 

Firstly I mentioned in my wish-list a peace sign necklace from I have recently been wearing this one which I looove!! I actually forgot I had it until recently when I cleared out my wardrobe (LOVE when that happens!!) It is a simple beaded peace sign necklace! The beaded necklace itself is orange and the links and pendant are gold! I love it at the moment as the weather is getting warmer so wearing it with brights for that summery feel is perfect!! The other day (as seen in the pic) I wore it with an Aztec cut out top and red blazer for a clashing colours effect! It actually really worked! I think it's really cute, and keeps me happy until I can afford another :-)

The 'Love' part of this section is this bracelet that I bought recently! It is from River Island and was only £4! Some of River Island's jewellery can be quite pricey but this is just a simple coloured wooden beaded bracelet and it is cheap and cheerful! I love it and it has the hearts all the way around! It is, again perfect for the summer and adds that splash of colour! River Island do have some great jewellery (and clothing) in at the moment so I recommend you check it out!! The other two bands I have on in the pic are a set from H&M. I think they were only around £3! Bargain :-)