Saturday, 17 March 2012

This Month You Should Buy...

Well it's my first 'this month you should buy' post! I was thinking of what I could put in it!! There are a million things I thought of! I did think of one but it was one I had already blogged about (see Make-up Must-Have post about the all in one concealer). So I thought I would blog about this product! It is a really cheap and really simple product but I love it! And it is so lovely. 
It is a refreshing eye gel and it is enriched with cucumber which means it smells so fresh, which is so lovely when you put it on in the morning! You use it in the morning and the evening and it is to reduce puffiness and refresh the eyes. And it isn't a really expensive beauty product so it won't get rid of the wrinkles and it wont make you look any younger, but if you've had a late night and you have to be somewhere the next day, putting some of this on when you get up in the morning does give your eye area a quick freshen up! It is just one of those little essentials that is great to have in the bathroom cabinet or to take with you in your make up bag for a weekend away! It won't cost you a lot and a little does go a long way.

// Little tip for extra fresh & bright eyes // Put the gel tube in the fridge (fridge not freezer!!!) over night or first thing when you wake up as it won't need long // then after 
at least half an hour put some on those tired eyes and it will feel so refreshing and leave your eyes feeling awake and ready to 
face the day //

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