Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pinch Punch First of the Month!

Happy 1st of March everyone! Start of March means that it's the start of spring - well we all hope anyway! And with some warmer weather hopefully on it's way we will all wanting to be getting out of our winter haze and be all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to face springtime!! 
A lot of us will have developed the dreaded 'winter skin' over the past few months- dry, paler and a little unloved. So now is the time to show it a little TLC and ready to face the world again. So my next few posts in the blog are mainly going to be on a few things I love for getting in the mood for spring! Including the best moisturisers I love to use, fake tans to get that springtime glow and some extra little treats I come across along the way :-) 
It is also time to be buying our spring/summer wardrobes so any pieces I see in my wardrobe I think you may like to hear about I will be blogging about.. be prepared to see shoes, especially sandals once I start buying them!! What girl doesn't love sandals! Hope you are all enjoying the blog so far! And here is to spring <3

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