Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Make-up Must-have

This is a must-have for every woman's make-up bag! It is another product from vie and it is something I use everyday without fail! I literally could not live without it! It is a perfect little compact which does everything you could possibly want it to! It has 4 sections within it including a handy little mirror and it is small enough to take with you where ever you go! 

There are 2 concealers on the top in 2 different shades depending on skin tone for any of your cover-up needs. Then on the lower layer there is a green section and a lilac section. Now you may think you wouldn't be seen dead putting green or purple concealer on your face, but trust me-It really does work!!! The lilac is used for lightening, so it is perfect for under the eyes and brightening up those dark circles! And the green is for redness, so yes all those blemishes we hate so much.. It is our saviour! It can also be used to cover up any other redness, such as on the cheeks or any small veins on the face. It really is an all rounder that no girl should be without! And once you've used it you won't be able to live without it! 

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