Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Little Angel

This is a product I'm not sure how I've lived without for so long until now! It is a product from Vie and it is gorgeous! You can use it for practically anything! It is a balm that can be used on spots, burns, dry lips or any skin irritation, and it smells lovely too, unlike a lot of balms that deal with the same problem! 
At first when I was first introduced to it I was a bit uncertain how good this balm could be, but once I had received it,  I used it on my lips as it was winter and they always tend to be a lot more dry. However after a few days they felt a lot more moisturised than they did before. It really is a miracle balm I've even used it on eczema on my face and heard of many women who have done the same and it really helps! 
The only thing I've heard about it that's a negative is that it's quite thick so it's hard to wash off after using, but don't waste it, when it's on your hands rub it in to your cuticles as it's perfect to keep them moisturised and healthy. 
And as it is handbag size you can keep it with you at all times and use it on the go :-) Perfect!

// to get this product just visit the vie at home website //

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