Friday, 16 March 2012

Hail Britannia Nails!

Tonights choice of nails is these Union Jack nails! They were another impulse buy, which I bought in New Look today whilst getting some of Mum's Mother's Day presents :-) 
I thought they were really cute and thought why not! I think buying them from New Look you pay a little bit more, these were £5.99, I'm sure I could find them cheaper on the internet! But for a little treat why not and they do look good on! And my friend is back from the army this weekend, so this evening we are meeting up for drinks to see her! How well has that worked out! Nails to represent Britannia. I say why not!!! 
//Why not stock up on some for a few months time when the Olympics start..// You will be showing support for the country and look gorgeous whilst doing so!// Win-Win//

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