Monday, 5 March 2012

Twit Twoo

Today's choice of jewellery included this long necklace which I love! I wear it all the time and I get a lot of compliments on it! As seen in my previous post 'Time on Your Hands', I adore anything that has a watch in it! I have a slight obsession! 
I have bracelets with them, loads of rings, and of course necklaces like this! But I particularly like this one as it is a bit different, and the fact that it is in an owl shape makes it so cute!! The feathers of the owl are also coloured in gorgeous lemon and lilac so it is perfect spring colours! It is a great little accessory if you prefer not to wear a watch on your wrist but still want to keep track of the time! Also saves you having to take your phone out of your bag to check the time constantly :-)
And yet again it is not an expensive buy, it is another primark find, so shoot me I'm a student and I heart my bargains! 


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