Sunday, 26 February 2012

Barry M Nail Paints

I absolutely love Barry M nail paints!! Especially the new colours out which are perfect for spring! And they are affordable too, the nail paints are only £2.99 per bottle in Boots! (and I bought some yesterday and they had buy two get £1.00 off- it's a small saving but a saving none the less!) And they are really thick too, so I find they tend to last quite a while and don't chip as easily as other nail polish's. However this does mean it can take a little longer drying time but a little patience is worth it for a gorgeous new nail colour :-) 

Beauty tip // To help nails dry quicker // DO NOT blast with hot air from the hair dryer
it will make the nail polish go sticky resulting in a brittle finish causing chipping //
submerge them in a bowl of ice cold water (preferably that contains ice) // 
it will help them dry quicker :-)

Happy Painting...

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